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Today: March 24, 2023

The Microtek ScanMaker i900.

For anyone who has been using photo scanners for a while, and has seen the difference, the Microtek Scanmaker comes out as one of the very best photo scanner especially for film scanning purposes. With a footprint of 15in X 25 in, this best photo scanner 'awardee' does take up a lot of desk space, but makes it up fully well with its quality functions and output.

Features that make Microtek ScanMaker the best photo scanner are:

  • capable of handling legal size originals
  • dual-scanning bed
  • fantastic software

Its accompanying software, the Microtek Scan Wizard Pro, is considered to be one of the best scanning software around, which is also perfectly complemented by its calibration utilities that likewise comes along with the package. Like all scanners, it is not maintenance free. In fact, users need to calibrate it every couple of weeks for best performance.


When the Microtek ScanMaker scans and outputs something which comes very close to a perfect match with the original, there is no question why it is considered as the best photo scanner. With an optical resolution of 3,200dpi by 6,400dpi (optical, not interpolated), you need only make a few adjustments through its software to successfully create an output which otherwise you cannot achieve with a regular photo scanner. With its dual scanbed technology, the Microteck ScanMaker delivers and takes the best photo scanner title hands down.

Best Photo Scanner Contenders

  • Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED Film Scanner
    Features that make it stand from the rest:
    • Scan Image Enhancer: Enhances color, brightness, and contrast. All with a single touch.
    • Nikkor ED glass lens: Common photo 'defects' like distortions, and chromatic aberration are effectively minimized.
    • Scans images including its tiniest details fast.
  • Canon CanoScan 8800F Color Film/Negative/Photo Scanner
    • Scans and digitally cleans up old photos of scratches, dust, other un-tidy effects.
    • Is up and ready quickly and features buttons which automate the scan process.
  • Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 Scanner
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500
    • Scans in color at 20 ppm even when scanning both sides at the same time without hogging resources.
    • Incorporates intelligent paper feed detection you could insert multiple sheets of varying sizes. It automatically determines whether a page is colored, or black & white, or is a blank page.
    • Small footprint. Doesn't take up much space in your desk.

Other Best Photo Scanner Choices

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