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The Brother All-in-One Photo Scanner Printer Copier Fax: MFCJ615w

Today: February 04, 2023

User Feedback on the Brother MFCJ615w

More users have given positive reviews than negative ones about the Brother All-in-One photo scanner--printer-copier-fax machine. Some positive reviews override the factors enumerated by the negative ones making it seem like the negative ones are actually isolated cases or a very small percentage of defective cases which are replaceable. Check out the customer/user reviews here.

Why You Should Buy the Brother MFCJ615w

  • Feature and function wise, the Brother MFCJ615W All-in-One is a very good choice compared to other brands (e.g HP, Canon, Epson, etc.) in this price range.
  • Wireless capability! And easy to set up.
  • Shareable with multiple networked devices, wired or wireless.
  • An automatic document feeder allows unattended copying, scanning, faxing, printing.
  • Can print photographs (and other documents) right off your camera sd cards, or usb.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Ink refills are not expensive, and the unit actually allows the use of third party consummables, e.g. inks.
  • Ink cartridges do not clog up even when not used often.
  • Print quality of photos on photo paper are excellent and matches that of HP or other high end photo printers.
  • Excellent technical support. A 5th grader can install the whole system with assistance from Brother support on the phone.
  • When printing black text only, it uses ink from the black cartridge only, unlike other units of this kind which uses ink from all cartridges to come up with black print.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying the Brother MFCJ615w

Based on user feedback, some of these may be isolated cases, while some may apply to all who use this equipment.
  • Some users report that it doesn't have capability to scan to PDF. But with a little tinkering with the configuration at the Brother Control Center, it actually can. Others use third party software, like the PaperPort11SE, to skip the configuration and still scan to pdf.
  • In order to keep its inkjet nozzles from clogging, this unit does self maintenance procedures e.g. cycling its cartridges to keep it open and un-clogged. Though this is actually a good solution for a problem that plagues all brands of photo scanner-printer-fax-copier machines, especially when left unused for some length of time, it does however uses up ink.
  • Once a cartridge is out of ink, even if the other 3 cartridges are still good, the unit will not print anymore, until the empty cartridge is replaced. Dirty Trick to keep the unit working even when it says the cartridge is empty:
      :: Put electrical tape over the cartridge's sensor.
  • If you're not a computer-savvy person, you might have a little trouble with the set up especially if you want to use its wireless capability. Tech Support however can assist you through the steps if you call them. Trick for reducing wireless headaches:
      :: Give this unit a fixed IP address, so that your computer (or all computers in the network) wouldn't have to look for it everytime it needs to be accessed.
  • Not very Mac friendly. It's not as plug and play as it is to a PC. Most Mac users have to call Support to help them through the installation.

See for yourself. Check out the Brother MFCJ615W All-in-One photo scanner-printer-copier-fax.

Video: The Brother MFCJ615w

Details: Brother MFCJ615W All-in-One photo scanner-printer-copier-fax.

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