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Large Document Scanner

Today: March 24, 2023

A large document scanner is a type of scanner equipment that is used to digitize large sized documents ranging from A2 documents to engineering blue prints of civil structures, large maps, atlases, or even any larger document types. A large document scanner may also be used to digitize into one large document file a set or group of smaller sized documents for large size printing e.g. tarpaulin advertisements, etc.

Not only is there now a large document scanner for the above mentioned purposes, there is now available a large document scanner that can simultaneously scan both sides of a sheet material at once, e.g. large tabloid newspapers. This is more popularly known as a duplex large document scanner.

And don't be limited by the term 'large' into thinking that a large document scanner is heavy and thus fixed in some corner of your duplication department. There are wide format scanner manufacturers which have added portability features to large document scanners. Modern technology has addressed these misconceptions and corrected them. Even problem areas such as

  • colour accuracy,
  • colour uniformity,
  • dimensional accuracy and
  • stitching errors
have now been amazingly resolved, helped in part by the use of LED illumination instead of the traditional CCD-based flourescent tubes. You can now be sure that the new model large document scanner you purchase has approached perfection and can deliver its promises appropriately, as advertised by large document scanner manufacturers, with proper calibration maintenance.

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We are researching equipments of this kind so you wouldn't have to. We update as soon as new office equipments of the type:'large document scanner' are released.


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