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Automatic and manual photograph/document scanners; equipment to scan photos. HP|Canon|Kodak|Epson|Fujitsu|etc. Get informed and buy wisely.
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Scanner With Document Feeder

Sometimes it is tempting to say that plain flatbed scanners without document feeders are a thing of the past. A scanner with document feeder is the in thing today. Fact is, the statements bear a lot of truth in it. Most, if not all scanner manufacturers are producing less and less flatbed scanners without document feeders. A scanner with document feeder is the default standard in their drawing boards. Besides, whether your office secretary only scans 2 documents a day or the messenger-cum-scanner-operator scans hundreds of receipts, photos, memos, etc. in a day, an automatic document feeder is always a plus in your scanner equipment.

[HP Scanner With Document Feeder]: The HP ScanJet 7650

  • scanner with automatic document feeder
  • document feeder capacity: 50 pages
  • 2400 d.p.i. optical resolution
  • 48-bit color
  • 6-seconds preview
  • 12 pages per minute scanning output / 25 pages per minute for the HP Scanjet 7800 Document Sheet-feed Scanner
  • scan to pdf
  • email scanned documents
  • scan images
  • includes transparent materials adapter for 35mm slides and negatives
  • ISIS / TWAIN drivers
  • Hi-speed USB connectability
  • Integrated software
Excerpts of Reviews and User Feedback:
  • warms up quickly
  • can scan books and thick files/materials and 3D objects
  • Using 'Simplex mode', can scan legal size documents
  • works with existing software
  • space saver

Available Now!
  • feeder jams, etc : It took another user to bring out the solution in plain sight. And it is that this unit is very particular about usb cable length. First off, you need to make sure your usb cable is not longer than 16 feet. Another thing to practice is to use the buttons on the scanner itself instead of the virtual ones on the HP Directory software on screen. With these taken in consideration, expect convenient and trouble-free operations ahead.

Epson Perfection 4490 Office Flatbed Scanner with Sheet Feeder

  • scanner with automatic document feeder
  • At highest quality speed setting:
    • 3 b/w pages per minute
    • 2 full color pages per minute
  • 4800 d.p.i. x 9600 d.p.i. optical resolution
  • just 9 lbs. in weight.
  • high-quality scans
  • automatic feeder capacity: 30 sheets
  • Accomodates 35 mm slides/negatives
  • USB data transfer
  • scan, copy, email and pdf
  • with 35 mm film holder for batch scanning slides and negatives
  • scans various sizes up to Legal size (8.5" x 11")
  • removes dust and scratches automatically using digital ICE technology
  • comes with a bundle of softwares
Excerpts of Reviews and User Feedback:
  • precise details for 8" x 10" or even larger colored prints
  • moving transparency light source ensures quality scans

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A scanner with document feeder makes for easier and more convenient scanning experience. Should you not find the latest data you are expecting, please check back later as we continually do our researches and testing for the best and the latest.

[Scanner with document feeder]


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